Areas of expertise

We assist and advise companies and groups (SMEs and mid-cap companies) with family-, privately-, or institutionally-held share capital through their external growth operations, company sales, mergers with other companies, or structural reorganisations:

Acquisitions, disposals, external growth: acquisitions/transfer of control, leveraged transactions: LBOs, MBOs, MBIs, etc., minority investment, due diligence,

Joint ventures: joint ventures, strategic partnerships, gradual acquisitions (particularly in the context of joint ventures between startups and manufacturing companies)

Reorganisations: Restructuring of company groups for the purposes of legal and tax optimisation (mergers, partial contributions of assets, spin-offs, sales of business lines, etc.).

We work with the shareholders of target companies (SMEs, mid-cap companies) or investment funds during venture capital, development capital or transfer-capital operations, extending through the liquidation of the holdings.

We also advise management teams during these transactions, and help them negotiate “Management Packages” and follow up on their daily relations with the investors.

Lastly, we regularly work with the founders of start-ups and scale-ups on fundraising at different stages of their maturity.

We work with management teams and shareholders, advising them on engineering their compensation and supporting them through capital transactions, issuing simple or complex securities, setting up employee profit-sharing systems, or establishing intra-group agreements.

We work in the areas of post-acquisition litigation and disputes between shareholders and/or executives: litigation of shareholder agreements, activation of asset and liability guarantees, executive dismissals, shareholder disputes, etc.

Having chosen this speciality in order to offer our clients excellence in a world that is becoming more and more complex, we have developed a network of carefully-selected French and foreign partners who can extend our skills to sectors or geographical areas not covered by our firm.

This organisation allows us to put our clients in touch with the most suitable agents for the situation entrusted to us.